Slider and transform nodes

hello all. do i need to place some other node between a slider (io advanced) and a transform parameter if i want to be able to successfully control a transform parameter with the slider? everytime i connect the output of the slider to a parameter of the transform node, my cpu immediately spikes. the loaded image is effected by the slider movement but since the cpu spikes it isn’t useable. not to mention the cpu will continue to spike until i delete or replace the transform node.

see the attached patch:

-load an image.
-connect slider output to a transform pin.
-the cpu spikes

might i have to change something in the io inspector?

thanks for the help!


slider and transform problem.v4p (5.6 kB)

hi jared,

the sliders inside a vvvv patch are more supposed to be a programming convenience rather than a user interface for a performance. since vvvv is running in only one single thread, every gui action, file loading etc. will cause the rendering to stop until the action is finished. try one of the gui modules from somewhere on this page instead…

thanks for the help, tonfilm!

did you mean to leave a link to gui modules on your post above?


try @woei)) or ((sanch modules.

thank you.