Slicing mesh

Hi all, i’m using a custom mesh .x, like the pic below, where the white zone is empty, so we have irregular mesh shape.

Let’s say i wanna slice the mesh into toher meshes like this :

so i can obtain meshes like the green one :

how can that be done ? thank u in advance :)

aren’t images good ? :)

yes, the images are clear, but you shouls do such slicinigs in a 3d software and store them as subsets of the mesh.

vvvv’s mesh functionality is not capable of such things, or at least not with a maintainable efford.

thank u then :D can subesets being stored into a .x or a collada (which I’m actually using) ?

yes .x can do it. never tried collada, but i’d be surprised if it does not.

how do u define a subsets ?

that actually depends on your choice of content creation software.

for some reference have a look into the documentation.