Slice selection

hi, it’s me again ;-)

i have a question about spreads. I know how to get only one slice out of a spread, but how can I define to get different slices (let’s say the first, fourth and eight). The problem is that the programmm can’t be static, because the spread count and the slices that I want to select are changing values…

what I have is a patch wich 10 (changing value) different x and y values for example . Out of this values i calculate the distance to another object. And in the moment the distance falls under a specific value, I want it to be discarded. I the end I want a node in wich only the x and y values remain that have the distance to another object above a specific value.

This may be a little bit unclear :-§, in case I can upload a screenshot or the patch

any tipps?

Thanks in advance



GetSlice and Select are the nodes you need here.

see attached patch!

select.v4p (4.0 kB)

Thanks David, that helped.

Before this, I just connected the lenght with the Alpha of the textures, then they dissapeared…

But this solution is much better :-)

But what if I want that a object wich (dessen) distance to another objects goes under a specific value doesn’t reappears when it’s distance changes to a higher value???

Sorry for my english…

I used a FlipFlop and an AND node for this one, values will pass the 0.5 border only 1 time, after that they are just getting ignored, until you bang the reset button.

Curious what patch you are building ;)

select-4.v4p (8.4 kB)

maybe a multitouch ? ;)

I use this in combination with a tracking node and a wide-angle-usb cam. Guess what it is? ;-)

P.S. I will give a try to select-4 later today. When I finish this project I will post it!

thanks for all you help!