Slice replacement

Hi people,

I want to replace slices equal to given values (thanks to = and switch nodes) but even if it works well for 1st dimension, only one value on two is replaced in 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

Is there a bug or did I miss something?

Thank all of ya!
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replace_slices_problem.v4p (11.8 kB)

the “problem” is the = (Value) node. This node resamples the slices of the lowest slicecount to the slicecount of the pin with the highest slicedount. this means that if you compare your inputSpread with two values it will compare the first slice with -4.5, the second slice with 4.5 the third slice again with -4.5 and so on…

you should use Sift (Value) in Find-Mode: All.


Wow… :o didn’t know that thing… are there other nodes concerned by that rule?

And thanks a lot for the hint, it works perfectly!