Slice limit

Hi, im using a http get node to pull in stock market figures.

At the moment it works and i can pull in around 100 stock prices which i use to create 100 spheres. Their size relates to their stock price.

Now, i would like more stock prices, but for some reason it wont work when i try and pull in more.

I have attached two patches, the first one works and the second dosent, they are both the same, jus that they are accessing different csv documents.

Is there a limit on how many can pull in? Or is it jus my computer that cant handle it?


FTSE100_stockpatch.v4p (42.2 kB)
FTSE250_stockpatch.v4p (42.2 kB)

indeed there seems to be a limit.

check there sphere node with the inspector:
it has a hidden configuration pin “draw slicewise”…

checking that pin should help you.

Huh, wow, works great, nice patch, but what the hell does that pin do than??? (Now I see a pillow has it too :) )

edit: never seen soo many PILLOWS, sweeeeeeeeeeet :)

draw slicewise???

well i clicked on it and it all works fine, how weird??

i spent all day looking in to that !!! lol

many thanks peoples

ever, ever have an Inspektor (VVVV) at your side.
he is your best friend here.
and really lots of nodes have those hidden goodies!

But what does it do? why isn’t it enabled by default?

drawing slicewise is the slower alternative, where every geometry is being drawn with its own directx-api-call. this way any number of geometries can be drawn.

the faster default is not to draw slicewise but to arrange all the geometry in one big vertexbuffer and make only one directx-api-call. the size of the vertexbuffer is limited by your graphiccard though.

most of the time vvvv switches these options automatically (this is when you see a message like “…can’t draw slicewise…” in the console. sometimes it doesn’t, and this is when you can toggle to slicewise drawing via the inspektor.

great tip !!!
good to know joreg.

Thnx proffesor, learned something today. Speed is key :)

Learned that one from Elektromeier, and it’s a super feature for prints :)…especially when using the queue node, this allows to handle a crazy number of vertices…