Skinning example

I am looking for some skinning example, the only one I can see is how to get a dae animation but I can see there are nodes to skin my own mesh on a skeleton, no example though to help me out …

this is super bitchy
also quite few stuff to know
the best on exporting dae to 4v is maya 2008

<authoring_tool>Maya2008 | ColladaMaya v3.04E</authoring_tool>

export plug also quite hard to find, the softskinning is what you looking for. And there is a bug in native 4v skining shader.

Hi thanks for the input
what I am trying to do is the move my own mesh with the Kinect skeleton output.
So far I see there are the AutoSkinWeights and Skindeformer my Mathias Zauner on one side and the Skinning esffects which is also used by the DAE demo patch.
The first set seems to be what I need but without help patch I am a bit lost

Hey this topic is really not easy.


Would be a big step to have something working here.
Keep us updated :)

continued here: for Kinect2