Skinning DX11

Hi all, I’ve been reading some post and exepriment, basically i can import DAE model and correctly manage animation using dx9 pipeline, trying the same with DX11, I got stuck around animation.
I’m using a skinning DX11, indexedGeometry from Mesh and filling Dynamic Buffer with transformations from Animation node, but nothing move…of course I’m doing something wrong, any hint ?

Is that something related to InputElement for layout ?

dank je well :)

DaeAnimation.v4p (22.1 kB)

i’ll check back home, think i got it working somewhere

Thank you, by the way, the flow is kinda right, in fact checking “AsAuto” and specifying macElements =0, so maximum, i can see triangles moving, but triangles are just loney disordered triangles in 3d space, look like without AsAuto, vertex are not affected by transformations…

And tricky stuff, in beta32.1 there is no Skinning node, but…there is dx9-To-dx11 so at least can be done the dirty copy… monday wtf :D

You must be very far from home :D

hey man sry. hard to find where it is lol ;]
well found shader, but vux told me it needs some plug …

I was kiddin :D yeah i guess a layout plugin is needed to work out, let’s see if vux got it :) thank u very much for interest, indeed appreciate, davai !

Assimp nodes now have skeleton converter node.

moments later…
this could help: DX11 DAE Skinning Animation