Skia Stride overlay / different content

skia overlay stride.vl (35.5 KB)
Hi friends.

Im trying to make my first project coming from vvvv beta.
I,m trying to make a simple 3d viewer vjing tool (with spout) so I can open a model and modify it using imgui and spout the image to resolume

I 'm looking for a way to have the imgui/skia overlayed the 3d model on my app, but not in the spout output, so I can have a menu with parameters in my main app, but i cant find a way to have them separated. I dont know if I’m making myself clear.
I’ve uploaded a test case with what I’ve been trying.

Any ideas would be great!

Check the Select what to render using render groups help patch.

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Thats beautiful… I knew it was something simple. thanks!

You can also render your Spout output to texture using SceneTexture or RenderTexture and then compose the UI over it in a RenderWindow with FullscreenQuadRenderer and SkiaRenderer. This will also make sure that you render your content only once.

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oh… that would be more efficient… thanks