Skia Sampler settings

Hey gang

Does anyone know if it’s possible in Skia to change the minification filter or some sampler setting like that? Skia scales magnificently for high res but for low res I can’t seem to get it pixel perfect.

I’m using an offscreen renderer in Skia set to the pixel size I want with the pixel space. Then outside of VL I’m converting to a DX11 texture and using the correct sampling (point) on the DX11 preview node outside. However it looks like Skia does some sampling somewhere also.

The workaround is I could render out of VL high res and then do the downsampling using existing DX11 nodes, but is there a way to do it entirely inside Skia?

Hi tobyk,

if you’ve got the skia-update, then you can use ‘SetFilterQuality’ set to ‘none’ (it’s a property of a Paint) to get pixel-perfect rendering.


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