Skia Renderer becoming white with a red cross randomly

Hi, I’m not entirely sure how to reproduce this error but I think it happened after changing some patches and the renderer needed to reload in the latest alpha 3a2900d80a

I don’t really know how often this happens but just thought I would post the log for reference, maybe you’ll know what’s going on.

Basically suddenly the renderer window became white with a red cross and the following error popped up, restarting VL runtime fixed the error.

Full log

Only latest vvvv alpha running, little while after opening Tilda AV example and using it.

Also had it happen multiple times in vvvv gamma, killing a single patch view.

This occurence happened with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620

@domj does this also happen with “TooltipClassic” set to TRUE in vl settings?

Unfortunately it seems that yes.

vvvv gamma was restarted after changing the setting to make sure it’s applied

I do have the same issues. But only on one machine with a Intel HD Graphics 530 driver

Quick update, after a driver update to version the issue seems to be gone for now - what driver version are you on? Or is it a completely different graphics gard?

It is the Intel UHD Graphics 620. And indeed currently on the same driver version that you’re mentioning. Unfortunately it is the latest driver available to me ATM

Installing 7212 directly from Intel gives me this

Will have to wait for Lenovo to get its shit together, but it seems it’s been only a week since the release so I’m hopeful :)

Wonder if it’s the Solidworks fix that may be solving this issue (From the 7212 release notes)

I had the same issue if you click Yes on the error you get to a support website from intel which tells you that you can still install the driver manually. You know the old approach, download the zip, extract it, go to device manages -> graphics -> intel -> driver -> find driver manually -> go to extracted zip. That did the trick for me.

or try this link:

@tonfilm I tried that, it only offered Bluetooth update but @Elias 's tip seems to work, although as expected broke some manufacturer specific features such as Lenovo Vantage custom color profiles, but it’s a small temporary price to pay.

Gamma’s renderers seem stable now, marking solution.


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