Skia nodes does not work when installing mp.dx with VPM

Hello there !

I have noticed a strange behavior with VL in vvvv beta 39 (x64).

My dependencies

Here are the packs I am using : AutomataUI, dx11, VVVV.Audio, vvvv-time and here is the one I want to use but which gives me troubles : mp.dx.


I have a vvvv patch which is using a VL patch to display a sensor monitoring in a renderer. VL patch was made using Template node in vvvv beta. So, the patch is using VL.Skia to display a monitoring, and use primitive elements such as Rectangle, Line, Text, Group, etc.

When only using AutomataUI, dx11 (from the Contribution Manager), VVVV.Audio (from the Contribution Manager) and vvvv-time, everything is working just fine. AutomataUI and vvvv-Time were added manually to the packs folder in vvvv installation folder.

For now, I need to use microdee’s mp.dx pack. So, I install VPM as instructed. Then I go to VPDB to get mp.dx vpack and install it automatically with VPM. No error messages, everything looks great, and I can see it in my packs folder with all the dependencies it requires. But, for now on, every VL.Skia nodes are having troubles, except Group and Group Spectral.

My previous vvvv patch now shows my VL node with a red border but with no error message when hovering it. When I open VL, all Skia nodes are red too, except the two group nodes. I cannot see any values from the input or output pins but just a black rectangle, and this also for all non-Skia nodes.

I tried to disable and enable VL.Skia in the dependencies but it does not work (and I do not have any error in my dependencies, no red ones or missing ones). Also tried to disable and enable all dependencies : same result. I also tried to create a new VL node from Template in my vvvv patch but the problem persists. Moreover, the only way I have found to go back before this problem is to completely uninstall and reinstall vvvv beta and all the packs.

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thanks for the detailed description.
it could be that some pack comes with an older dependency which then get’s loaded before skia is loaded. but that’s just a guess.

i’ve added an issue…

in the meantime you can try to move the packs one-by-one into a clean vvvv installation and see after which one skia breaks. if you find one, please let us know.

Thanks for your response tonfilm and for adding an issue on this !

So far, I tried to install mp.dx and its dependencies manually without using VPM. I had to reinstall those before with VPM in order to know which ones I had to look for. Every latest releases for each pack was downloaded directly from microdee’s github.

By doing this, I am able to keep Skia working in my vvvv patch BUT my problem is still not solved as I can not use the node I want from mp.dx. It tells me that a dll from a dependency is missing but it is there in my folder. Also, I tried to drag and drop it in my patch, does not work. I guess manual installation is not efficient with microdee’s contributions…

After that, I tried to install mp.dx with vpm again. And guess what ? No missing dll compare to a manually installation : node from mp.dx is working but Skia does not anymore !

So for the moment, it is either having Skia working perfectly and not using mp.dx pack, or having mp.dx working through vpm install but without Skia in VL. The first one is for me the best option right now !

Also, my next test will be to proceed to a new installation of mp.dx with vpm. And, as told by tonfilm, to move every packs one by one into a other vvvv beta installation folder clean of any packs. Hope it will bring some lights on this issue !

Keep you in touch !

So the symptom is: all Skia VL nodes are red when mp.dx is also installed, however they don’t yield an exception when hovering them.

as tonfilm said, best bet will be, an old dll shipped with mp.dx or one of its dependencies, now that’s many potential dll’s…
Does VL has a log output such as vvvv tty, std out or to a file? Maybe it will tell us which one it has problems with.

Sorry for the delay, I could not take a look at it yesterday.

This is a screenshot I took to show you. You can’t see my mouse pointer but it is hovering Rectangle. As you see, just a black rectangle is shown, and this for every nodes, even those unrelated to Skia like Vector or ToString (Conversion).

Yeah that is a lot a dll to check on…

About log output in VL, I do not know if there is something of this kind. Would be great though.

Nevertheless, I did some digging into this issue, and I am experimenting something really strange but interesting in the same time. I explain myself :

As I told you, I can’t use Skia nodes with mp.dx on my patch BUT I have noticed that if I open an empty vvvv beta patch and create a VL template in it, there I can use Skia Nodes with mp.dx installed ! Moreover, if I open this empty patch before my patch, then my patch works correctly, no error from Skia nodes, and mp.dx is working create too. But if I close all, and try to open only my patch, then Skia does not work anymore.
I also tried with a new full blank patch and then run my patch and guess what, it also works great : no problem detected, neither from Skia nor from mp.dx !

So my guess is that something happen when I run my patch, and that by creating an empy patch before, things are correctly loaded. I run my patch using a batch file to parse value with Args node, if that might help.

Will try to go deeper in that direction, as it seems to me that the problem comes from here. If you have any suggestion, let me know !

Keep you in touch !

can you show us what’s in the batch file and what you do with the args?

Sure !
Here is what’s in my batch file :

start C:\vvvv\vvvv_beta_39_x64\vvvv.exe /o "%~dp0\root.v4p" /sessiontime 60 /remoteip "" /gameport 2000 /remoteport 5000 /portCard01 4001 /portCard02 4002 /portCard03 4003 /portCard04 4004 /portCard05 4005 /portCard06 4006

Just a command lline to open vvvv beta with the root.v4p patch which is in the same folder as the batch file. Then arguments with their corresponding values.

In my root patch I have a Globals subpatch which contains Args node and ArgsParser subpatch.
Here is Globals :


And here is ArgsParser :

For now on, I am no longer quite sure it has something to do with my batch file, as I tried to open my patch by double-clicking it, and with an empty patch opened before it works great too. Without an empty patch opened before, same error appears again with VL.Skia…
Really can’t figured this out, as it is really a strange behavior.

this opens a default root.v4p plus your root.v4p… better use the /r (open as root) command if your root.v4p already contains all the necessary nodelist setup. like this:


if your custom root.v4p doesn’t contain this setup, give your startup patch another name and let vvvv load the default root patch.
this avoids the confusion of which root.v4p you want to be the actual root patch.

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You are right, my custom root.v4p does not contain this setup.So, I give a new name to my patch, but the issue is still there.
I even tried to create a whole new vvvv patch and copy my code into it, in case my previous root.v4p patch was corrupted because of the naming conflict, but it does not change anything at all.

Anyway, thanks for this advice, did not know about this ! I will not be using root.v4p as a name for my future patches now !

does VL log into TTY when inside vvvv?

VL has a log where you can write to if you want. Also when code does Console.WriteLine it ends up there. Beside this nothing is logged anywhere for the user. But this is fine because VL is absolutely bug free and super stable at all times.