Skia Lottie: Can't read animations with nested layers


I am experiencing an issue while trying to read Lottie animations with nested layers in Skia.
The LottiePlayer (Skia) is not capable of outputting a Layer and play the animation.

I can’t upload the JSON files, so you will have to download the file yourself to try it out.

For example, this Lottie animation doesn’t work.

If we open this file in the Lottie Editor, we can see that some layers are nested into other layers
Shape Layer 4 inside Flag inside Flag un kats for example.

But if we now open this Lottie animation, it works correctly.
If we look inside the Lottie Editor, we see there is no nested layers.


So my guess if that those nested layers are somehow messing around somewhere.
I wonder if this is a bug from Gamma or a limitation from SkiaSharp.Skottie though?

Any idea? And could that be fixed?


It also seems to break when Lottie animation uses images.
Take this one for example.
No success reading the images inside it with LottiePlayer. Vectors work though.

this is a known issue, see here.

regarding the file with the nested layers, please test it in the official Skottie Web Player and see if it works there.

also check if you find the issue mentioned in the skia issue tracker.