Skia FPS

i seem not to be able to reach 60 fps with skia. but when i constantly resize the window i get 60 fps. or when i try to capture the window with openbroadcaster, i get 60 fps as well. this is also visible in the animation. resizing the window makes the animation look smoother. seems like the redraw update of skia is a bit lazy. and hint on how to improve this ?

i did a nvidia driver update and now it is running on 60 fps. maybe this was it…

I have the same issue, where the PerfMeter always hovers around 49-50. On my system, the culprit seems to be a huge instability in FPS (it swings from 30 to 60). The IIR filter inside the PerfMeter then averages this to a low value. Looking at the graph of your picture, you have the same FPS instability. Has the Nvidia driver update really consistently fixed this for you? Could you please check?

If not, I believe this is a bug in how timing is calculated inside VL. (This does not happen inside vvvv beta.) The instability of the FPS also seems to have a fairly consistent period, which seems to point to a frequency mismatch between actual FPS and the emitting of it. Like the ‘beating’ phenomenon in wave mechanics.

can you check whether it has something to do with the system timer?
some computers default to 15.6ms which might result in such behavior. software like skype or chrome will set the resolution to 1ms, so other software could randomly fix the problem.

maybe we should set the timer resolution on startup of vvvv gamma automatically. we’ll talk about it.

Indeed, increasing the system timer frequency fixes this issue. Interesting…

And I would agree that it would be best to automatically set this on startup. Seems like quite an esoteric feature for people to know about.

latest preview 301 sets timer on start, also window interaction works with heavy patches:

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