Skeleton nodes

dear vvvv,
i am relatively new to the vvvv world, please excuse if this is a very basic question:
i am trying to import a skeleton as a collada/.dae file, but somehow i am missing all the skeleton, joint etc. nodes and the link to the zipped file with the skeleton nodes does not work anymore…
[this is the link, that does not work:](this is the link, that does not work:
so, what happens is the following:
the ColladaFile node works, then i put a Skeleton next to it and it turns red. if i try to follow the paths i get to ColladaLoader.dll which lets me not drag and drop into the patch. and anyways i am missing all nodes related to skeleton somehow. i have been searching all day, it remains a mystery to me, please someone assist me here…

i am working with the 64-bit version, is that maybe the problem?
can i somewhere get the skeleton plugins or is it outdated and i need something else meanwhile?
hope for help from the experienced vvvv community - thanx a lot!

okey you need 32 bit build and addonpack. The original help patch should then be included. I put together the things in the help patch in this contribution:


dont be confused by the additional stuff in the modules. If you just follow the skeleton datatype pins you will know what is going on.

Exporting Skeletons correctly can be a bit hard.
Best works if you try to use c4d for exporting or 3ds max with collada 1.4.1 exporter plugin. units might be messed up so try to match the right scale.
there are hidden pins in the collada node that can help you with that.

You can find everything I just said in more detail somewhere in the wiki and forum :)