Skeleton Help

So I’m trying to play with the skeleton plugin again, but it seems to be lacking some help files…
How do you bind a skeleton to a mesh?
Attached is how I assumed it would work, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, any pointers would be lovely :)
I’m still getting .net exceptions if I click the joint viewer windows too…


Initial help query for skeleton node (116.7 kB)

i also get your same exceptions, in the files you posted BindSkeleton should be renamed to BindSkeleton (1) and there is a iobox and a xfile disconnected, something is missing for sure…

Attached is an updated and fixed link of the patch, is noone using skeleton at all?
Is Matthias around, so he can illuminate bindskeleton for me, is the patch I’ve posted supposed to work?
I have a project in a month that this would be really useful for so would like to get it working if possible…



BindSkeleton (1).v4p missing.

did you read this: skinningwithskeletonnodes?


attached an example from the workshop which should work.

The node AutoSkinWeights calculates the (rigid) skin weights based on the skeleton and the mesh; GeometryLoader and BindSkeleton are just subpatches, which hide the uglyness of setting the mesh’s skin weights using VertexBuffer (Join)/(Split).

Did you get the example you attached from anywhere public? Because it seems to be quite messed up. The fact that there is a file called “BindSkeleton (1)” referenced, and that it does not at all contain what it’s supposed to, makes me feel like there has been some copy/paste/rename accident.

Workshop Hands on #6 (129.9 kB)

Thanks Elias I hadn’t seen that…
Attached is the file with the paths fixed, its (1) because I downloaded it twice from the workshops page, thought I’d saved as everything into the folder, but it seems I hadn’t… Theres no help files for a few parts of the skeleton nodes, so I was trying to put something together to see if I could get skinning to work!

However your attached patch Sagishi, doesn’t work here either, if I attach a select joint to the out of mix pose I can see animation, but the mesh doesnt move at all :( I take it submeshes aren’t going to work because of the vertex buffer join, not a deal breaker though…

Creating selectjoint gives
00:01:03 ERR : SelectJoint caused error in Evaluate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at VVVV.Nodes.SelectJoint.Evaluate(Int32 SpreadMax)
and clicking the the gui window gives .net framework error, The Given key was not present in the dictionary
Attached is a log file…

Skeleton doesn’t like me :( I’ll try on a different pc in a while, this one is xp32 bit beta25 btw

Thanks guys (118.1 kB) (3.1 kB)

Oh i forgot: did you bang the IOBox at the very top of the patch?


No… that does it!
Thanks! :D

hi, i am trying to to a similar thing with collada files but i somehow can’t manage to get this to work …

i started a new thread here about this:

Hi, we’re playing with Kinect, have got OpenNi skeleton working but now we’re stucked trying to attach it to a mesh, have played with all patches above but no luck, any help would be appreciated