SkeletalMesh: import fbx from DazStudio


is it to be expected to be able to load the a default animated character fbx from Daz via SkeletalMesh ?
as it stays now, mesh is not recognized
skeletalmesh and (1.5 MB)


if daz is too specific, what would be the best software to load some basic, readymade skeleton/character/animations intro a vvvv-plausible fbx?


Tried your patch with a FBX file from mixamo both FBX and FBX for unity worked.
First time i tried to load it v4 crashed, but second try was ok.
The animation is kinda jerky eve tho in Unity and blender is smooth.

Just sayin :)

Thanks for the batch, was playing fruitlessly around with trying to use animated objects for a while now.


Collada still works quite ok, but it a bit heavy on my tasteā€¦


@antokhio collada animation doesnt have a geometry output, also didnt support daz
will look into the adobe ai sollution, sounds neat