Simplest skeleton with kinect for prototyping


Guys please halp me, long time ago I had a very simple patch for visualizing skeleton of kinect, I am developing some apps for kinect 2 and I cant find my old patch, can you please help me, I cant get it to work now

i dont want to rig it, I just cant figure out how to use bone |transform vector|, I tried to change it for quaternion but it doesnt halped so far

its 25 joints so 75 numbers for vectors

maybe just point me to right direction, something I can reverse engineer


not exactly sure if this is what you’re looking for but there is Stickman (Kinect EX9).


as soon as there are 2 skeletons line starts to connect 2 of them, actually i would love have something like cubes instead of lines so i can give some volume to the skeleton

worst part is i know i had it once but i cant find it


not sure if u need dx11 version

KinectSkeletonLine (Kinect SDK).rar (16.1 kB)