Simple scrolling text... (....not so simple)

i have made some text scroll and fade, but the parts used don’t seem to be in sync.
could somebody please take a quick look at my patch.

_messages_forForum.v4p (34.8 kB)

You can use the Bounds node next time, in stead of using Sort, CDR and CAR.

EDIT: No idea what is going on here, But I really blame the sift node.

hey ksp,
you could consider something like this instead.


textfade.v4p (7.0 kB)

Zomg, I totally missed the text texture, nice one Readme (and Woei) :) I was doing it like in the attached file

text scroller with fade (37.9 kB)

thanks for the thoughts. very usefull.
i kind’a hacked it for the moment. i could have gone one of the other text routes, but my aim was NOT to have another renderer in the patch.

_messageScroll_forForum.v4p (38.2 kB)