Simple playlist problem

Hello there,

I’m having a problem that seems simple but even with spending quite some time on it I could not find a solution.

I just tried to patch a simple player that parses a directory and plays files sequentially with the fileplayer. When done playing a file it should continue with the next.

I did this using GetSlice, FileStream and Change and a Counter. The problem is, it is impossible to connect the Index pin of GetSlice to the Counters output and the OnChange pin to the Counters Up-pin at the same time (works for both only when one is disconnected).

What am I missing here? Counter and GetSlice use Integers, Change and Counter/Up Bangs - I can’t figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated!
(file attached)

fileplayer.v4p (6.9 kB)

hi motzi,

without looking into your patch i assume that you will find your solution here:
Creating Feedback Loops

one of the most common questions.

almost everyone has asked this once, me too.


hi kalle,

thanks a lot for your quick advice! yes, it helped (and of course makes sense :)