Simple multitouch piano

I’ve been playing around with recreating a basic piano in VL using multitouch input.

I’ve been trying to work out whats happening in the MultiTouch example but theres just so much going on I just wanted to get back to basics.

I’ve created a basic patch which takes touch input and plays an audio file for each touch, and plays audio files, it seems to work ok, but there’s some glitching of the audio as you play more, and I’d like to add a timerflop to allow chords to remain, as well as adding in gradual fall off of audio.

I have used a dictionary with other particle systems that are based on touch, but am just getting a bit confused now!

Any help much appreciated.

Basic Piano.vl (102.8 KB)

I’ve made some progress with this, would like to get some feedback. It’s a lot cleaner now.

Couple of things, you will need to redirect the path to the samples subfolder
If you have a multi touch interface switch to that input to try out multi touch.

Would love it if each key could start a sound, and keep playing in, like a damper on a real piano.

Multitouch Piano (3.4 MB)

You’ll need to refactor your patch a little so that all of your 6 audio signals / players are always present. In your current setup audio signals get created and destroyed whenever one of those buttons get pressed and released. In other words the strings of your piano get ripped out whenever a button is released. So I’d suggest you setup a loop which always iterates over all of your 6 “tones” and inside based on hit testing you can now build logic to modify each of the signals.

Yeah, what I’d love is that the samples are a part of particles, they have a life, and during that life they have a soundtrack, when you touch the screen it would hold that sample, and the particle, then when you release it gets bigger and disappears. I’ve got the particle bit running perfectly, but giving perfect sound to every generated particle could be a bit taxing on processing, unless it can be offloaded. Guessing uncompressd formats will be a friend.

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