Simple glowing Sphere in 3d Space

i am making a Musical Instrument for the VIVE, where you can basically move a square in 3d space with the controller and play melodies with the tone intervalls depending on the direction of movement.

Now I want to make it visually more attractive and turn the square into a glowing sphere. Is there any easy way to do it?

Thank you!

you have to render your scene first, then apply the effect on the image and output it on a second renderer

sphere (dx11 geo) -> gouraud (dx11 effect) -> temptarget (renderer dx11) -> glow (texture dx11) -> quad -> renderer

thank you.
when i try it like this, the sphere doesnt appear inside the quad, nore in the preview.

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that is because your camera is inside the sphere (both are at 0/0/0)

attach a “Camera (Transform Orbit)” to the renderer (see the helppatch of the camera node how to do that).

thank you!

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