Simple geometry animation

I would like to create a simple 2D animation with moving “rendering line” across geometry primitives (e.g. polygons). My attempt (in the patch attached) was to create a moving mask. It works but I’m sure it’s not code effective and there are some limitation of such approach also. It’ll require more logic to implement complex moves across freely arranged objects and even more for layering of the objects. So i can guess it must be something to do it other way. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

simple_animation.v4p (17.3 kB)

hey 2nz,
if i understand you right i think the node you are looking for is LineReveal(Texture Mixer). with this node you can adjust direction angle(line normal) and scale of gradient(fuzzy amount).

Hello shual,

Thank you very much for paying attention!

It’s a bit not what I wanted to do first though. Or maybe I didn’t get how to use this node. I played a bit with LineReveal(Texture Mixer). If you want you can check in the patch attached.

I tried to visualize idea with a help of the picture.

Here is a simple polygon which I want to show first horizontally, then, when there is nothing to show (breakpoint) vertically.
Any ideas, approaches, directions would be appreciated.

LineReveal.v4p (10.2 kB)

Not sure i understand you right, but you can combine two directions movement of LineReveal for that. To easily create polygon mask there is an example in girlpower. But actually why not using black quads or pillows to cover the polygon? See the patchs, hope it helps.

PolygonMask+LinReveal (21.8 kB)
SimplePolygon+Quads (14.0 kB)

Thank you very much, Shual!

I got the idea. I wanted a bit different (filling in with color), but it’s ok. It can be achieved easily (modified patch in the attachment). Thanks a lot for pointing me to the new Polygon tools. I find the solution with black quads an easiest, but Polygon Editor should be useful for future projects.

There are some sort of doubts though. It still quite inflexible solution (imho). I was thinking that it’s should be something very simply and elegant to fill in geometry primitives with color. I’m afraid that if I want to use more objects (e.g. polygons) it will require a lot of hard-coding and stuff. Actually I wanted to recreate something like Pipes, that oldschool Windows screensaver, but in 2D.

Again, thanks a lot!

SimplePolygon+Quads_1.v4p (14.3 kB)