Simple edge blending

Hello ,

I want to do a simple softedge blend with two projectors , i already checked the multiscreen node .

My question :

How am i going to send each part of the image (each screen from the multiscreen node) to the respective projector ? ,both projectors are showing the same image (screen 1 and 2)

I am using a notebook with the videocard VIA Chrome9 HC IGP.

i never did edge blending before so,

Any advise will be great.

you´l probably need two outputs… are you plan on using a Matrox Dualhead?

thank you oschartz for the reply … i never did edge blending before. Should i have this matrox dualhead ? i am using just a splitter cable conector linking the two projectors to my laptop.


Yup you’ll need a dual head.
The other solutions are 2 scanconvertors that zoom into part of the image usually a quarter screen. Or your projectors might have a digital zoom that will do similar, but ideally a triple head is the best way!

ok … thank you catweasel