Simple drawing with the kinect2

hey all
we’re learning how to use vvvv, and ind doing so we want to make a drawing app.
we’re using the exemple sketch “simple drawing app” and trying to connect a kinect2 to it, so that you draw with your hands instead of a mouse, but we’re having problems trying to add the kinect.
The above sketch is what we’re working with right now, and we hope someone can help us

hey lisa,
you forgot to mention what your problem is.

sorry about that our problem is that we can get the kinect to work seperatly, but we have no idea how to write it into our code so that it controlles the drawing aspects (your arm being what you draw with) of the program

Hello Lisa, it seems you are missing some key concepts about vvvv and VL. Please take your time to work through some video tutorials, for example this one:
Video Tutorial Series for Absolute Beginners of VL

It uses Stride as a rendering engine, but the principles about data types and type conversion are the same for Skia. It will help you gather an understanding about core functionalities and vocabulary, which you need to formulate your problem.

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