Simple database tool?

i`m looking for an simple tool for managing/editing and import
of a lot of text-content in VVVV.

it is too much and confusing for a CSV file, but not complex enought
for a complex database system like drupal

it must not be a online tool, offline is sufficient

in whitch format is your text content (ie simple text as in the txt files ) ?

I’ve used vux’s sqlite nodes and the SQLite Manager addon for Firefox before and found them to be really nice to use. Also, it only needs a single local file for the database and therefore handles more like a csv.

i’ve no explicit example

i’m thinking about following scenario:

a topic has main categories, sub categories and hundreds of item’s (to much for a CSV)

each item has several text elements (for example name, surname, birthday, birthplace, personal description …)

Really, sqlite sounds perfect for that.
You don’t need to run a server and you can have a single table for each category. Also being able to access the data with sql queries is way nicer than the sift/sort/select/+ etc node hydra, a csv would probably lead to.

I agree with@skern, you may also try XML (not the best thing but easier to construct and understand maybe, I still prefer mysql for database handling but there is no reason to mess with local servers and stuff)

thank you skern and nissidis for your feedback
i try it

… no text …