Simple Button with image

i just came back to VVVV and now getting used to gamma.

Before there was a button module. But i couldnt find anything similar.
I downloaded Elementa and found the bang widget,
it works fine as a button, and it has an hover effect.

I need to create something similar, a simple button with an image and
a hover effects, where the image is the button without a graphic on top.
I hope for a smooth solution :)

thanks guys,

Hey there!

In Elementa you can provide a custom drawer to any widget. Like that you can just come up with your own rendering and still use the widget’s logic.

Have a look in the help browser, there’s a tutorial on custom drawers.


Okay thanks !

i took a look and it is serious stuff, i hope that someday i understand it. :)

So i will study the helppatch and hopefully be able
to manipulate existing widgets.


If you dont want to use Elementa though, you can still patch the button yourself using Rectangles and a RectContainsPoint node :-)

okay mate,

that was the hint i needed, i m only 6 days in gamma and that was the solution i was looking for.

but also thank you for showing me the costumize way in elementa!


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