Silence before the storm

Am I the only one?

I have at least a couple of projects, both personal and collaborations that are more or less on hold, waiting for 50.

If you are experiencing the same then use this thread to share thoughts and comments on what you are doing to prepare for 50, be vocal about your frustrations while waiting.

This is a “while we are waiting” thread, a bit like we have in Denmark where we celebrate christmas and share presents in the evening on the 24th. on that day we have tv-shows to entertain the children while waiting.

I feel a bit like that.

Please help me fill up the waiting time with some good vvvv or other interesting stuff.


my current expectations: don’t hold your breath (or projects in this case). while 50 will be nice, i doubt it’ll be ready for production for at least another year after introduction. though i’d love to be wrong…

Sunep, What is it that you think that it will solve?

It’s not that it will solve any particular problem, but if that is the way we are going to work in the future, it feels weird starting new projects now and then either stick with a system that will become “obsolete” sooner or later.

It is of course not a problem for short term projects, but regarding the projects that reach further into the future it feels like the thing to wait and see what we get in April. after the release then, it might be “oh yeah, lets wait 2 more years” and then it’s a different story. But right now it feels like we are just before something completely different comes along.

It will solve my brain… ::]

ja, we strongly have to advise against holding ones breath. it can lead to chocking if you do it for too long.
while a little excitement is favorable (after all 50 will be crazy amazing) you’ll most likely want to get used to it in smaller projects rather than starting with something big.

so don’t think obsolete for 45 just yet. it will still for a while be the most multipurpose toolkit we have to offer.

I feel a bit more like this:

@sune: wow, that was super disturbing :o

good to see that there are solutions out there

Yea well, as it was on survey what to focus, we want GPU stuff to work easy, we want to have fast interface. I’m really hoping for someone to show us how to workout tracker in opencv. And i hoping to get all that in next version and also a project to practice with that.