Sift problem

Hi everyone!
Got a little problem here… I try to use the sift node to sort out some of the running processes on my system. The node is able to find the processes, but somehow there are no hits. Can anyone help me?!



problem_001.v4p (33.2 kB)

seems to work fine here. tested with beta27.2 and alpha28

i actually found a bug in Sift, but it was not related to your patch. you just had a misunderstanding of some nodes. i cleaned and simplified your patch a bit, to give you a better idea of how to solve such problems in vvvv:

problem_001_b.v4p (19.1 kB)

Hey everybody! Thanks for your help so far. I will try to download the latest version (I thought mine would had been the actual…?!) and will check out all the changes tomorrow morning.

Again: Thank you!



Hey there! Bad News! Both Siliziums are not running in my Laptop.
Does anybody have a clue why?! I’m workin now with the latest Version and on an old MacBook pro…

what do you mean by that?