Sift node


i am trying to use sift node but it freak me out.

i have as a input a text in a iobox string that it is split and print letter by letter and as a filter a spread of words.
The aim is to print the words of the filter input when there is the match. I dont know why the are not syncronized and many time some word does not appears.

i attach the patch below…
sorry but the text is in italian


test.7z (6.1 kB)


I found that there were unwanted spaces in the match word spread: cyclically these were matched, I think, so to mess up the logic; once removed those, I added also a Strip node - I don’t see why you should need those empty slices - as also those empty slices were messing up the thing a bit.

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test - (17.3 kB)

thanks a lot for the patch.

However i used the empty slice because i thought that the problem was that the sift node wanted the all words to make the match in the right way… anyway now the patch sounds good…

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grazie ancora