Sift / nil / play video trouble

hi all !
ok this is a classic one, surely.

I m using my bcf to pilot the following patch with a video of 113 seconds.
i m using on this patch only Key On button, in Key On / Key Off mode ( no toggle mode from hardware is desired, as this patch needs also to work with musical sequancers).

My pb is that with sift i obtain a nill output when i m not pressing keys to go to the desired position on the track. nill affect in fact play function an make it not work.

surely someone could help me to solve this ? (4.8 kB)

See Patch.

video_control_BCF.v4p (23.0 kB)

merci bjoern ! this works perfectly.
It will need the node avoid nill to work. But woaw. What was the error in my approach with sift ?

What was the error in my approach with sift

perhaps because of the sift’s epsilon pin being 0.0000?

maybe you also want to try this approach.
it is based on an old module ‘RadioKey (Boolean Spectral)’
see kalle.modules.boolean

video_control3.v4p (23.0 kB)

hi kalle. thanks ! understood select other way and boolean spectral…
merci !
an happy karistouf