Sift consecutive filter bug

Sift (String) set on ContainsAny misses every second hit if the searched pattern is occurring consecutively:
input: abab - filter: a -> hits: 2
input: aa - filter: a -> hits: 1
input: aaaa - filter: a -> hits 2

confirmed … any workaround so far?

depends on you’re usage. if you only have one filter string, you can use Find (String). if you have to compare a spreaded input against a spreaded filter you’d have to cross both or write a plugin…

cannot confirm this, patch please.

SiftTest.v4p (7.5 kB)

still confirmed. when input is not a spread but a consecutive string.
add a + (String Spectral) after the switch to see

SiftBug.v4p (5.3 kB)

ok, was word based, not spread based. confirmed and fixed.