Sideways Kinect and skeleton recognition

I’d like to use skeleton tracking with a kinect rotated 90 degrees.
Anybody knows if it is possible to rotate the depth map before performing skeletal detection?

it’s not exists but should be on driver really

that is a question better suited for the openni or ms-kinect forum.

I know this topic has come up before in the OpenNI list, and what I remember of it is that there was a way to rotate the captured image to the correct orientation for the skeleton recognizer, but that it was hard-coded for the 4:3 ratio and still would not work. But that was 1.x, and 2.x is out now (but WITHOUT a .NET wrapper, grrr).

That was some time ago, and I have still not seen a solution but certainly post on those forums as joreg suggests, and please report back here! Good luck!