SICK LiDAR plugin

hi all,

we have a touchwall using a SICK 2d scanner. A guy (long gone) wrote the software that reads its scan data and sends it as TUIO via UDP to vvvv.

his batch says:
SICK LMS500-20000
Scanning Frequency 50hz
Resolution: 0.333…
Segments 1
min/max angle -5 / -185

I always felt it ran super choppy for 50hz… measured today… 20fps. I checked with SICK and we have the PRO version - should do 100hz @ 0.25°. Please correct me if Hz can’t be translated directly into FPS, but does that mean it should do 100fps?

Any directions for writing a C# plugin?
The downloadpage just offers cryptic download titles.

hz can be translated to fps. doesn’t guarantee that the device transmits the scanned data as quickly to your pc though.

if the original software is c#, try decompiling it with something like ILSpy to get a hint where to get started. e.g. whether there is some vendor sdk involved or how he talked to the driver.
kinda doubt it was done with c#…

we managed to get a sick sensor working a few years ago.

i remember some settings you have to set, to get the best performance. the software needs to set the sensor into highspeed mode before starting the reading.

and since it is serial communication, there was some setting in the driver, slowing things down. something like a 16ms delay.

if you plan to use our repo, this is just a proof of concept and will not easily compile and does not automagically prepare the sensor for you.

but it might help you to track down the problems in your software.

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oh, original software was written in C++
will have a look at your repo, u7angel. thx!

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