Shutup and -down

Hi Guys,
is there a way vvvv terminates when the user presses the power button of the computer? I’ve tried to use the /shutup commandline switch and also writeprotected the patch, at least I’m getting no more save confirmation. Also I tried to tweak the registry with keys like “AutoEndTasks” and “EnableForcefulShutdown”. But still when I press the powerbutton the renderer dissapears and a windows error shows, saying that vvvv (or whatever it random name is) has interrupted the shutdown process.

Any help is vvvvery apreciated


please see try latest alpha and report back here if that solved your problem.

OK, after one day I found a solution now.
The registry mods in the referred thread I did before and this didn’t help. Also I don’t want to use an alpha version (personally I like them, but to release software as an everlasting beta is strange enough and for production sets I want stability over all).
So here is my solution:

I write a kill-batch file withh

start c:\windows\system32\taskkill.exe /F /IM vvvv.exe* /T

then I run that script automated at shutdown time via gpedit.msc > Computer Config > Windows Settings > Scripts

Often it helps to get a second opinion to get to a brandnew idea.


Reg tweaks worked for me in windows 7 home. gpedit.msc is only available on windows 7 professional.

That’s interesting, for me the Registry tweaks didn’t work on Win 7 professional 64Bit with beta31 x86. I was told the problem is from an updated 3rd party library. How long are your words?