Show and hide a DX11 renderer?

I am looking for a way to show and hide a DX11 Render Window. I have gone through a lot of threads and found lots of examples, none of which seem to be working.

There was one by @Desaxismundi)) here: ((forum:does-anybody-have-a-sethidden-inawindow-fullscreen-module but it doesn’t work anymore.

Using the DoShow and DoHide pins in the DX11 renderer only greys out the renderer but doesn’t hide it.

Does anybody know of a way to do what ALT+1, ALT+2 and ALT+3 do to a renderer?

Thank you.

hey seltz,

do you know about the almighty SetRenderer?


You can use an Ord2Enum connected to ComponentMode.

Hey @reaktant,

ah I see there is SetRenderer (DX11) in there too :) I’ll check it out, but it sounds like just what I was looking for.

Thank you.

Hello @reaktant.

It seems like I “spoke too soon”. I tried the SetRenderer Node you suggest, but it is actually not working (using the help file).

I can put the renderer in window mode, in-patch mode and fullscreen mode. Yet I can’t hide the renderer, like I can with pressing ALT+3. That’s what I am looking for really.

I want to be able to disable/enable a whole part of my large patch which does the rendering. I am setting the evaluate pin to 0 for that subpatch, but would also like to the hide/show the renderer before it is disabled.

ok, you could try to set the renderer to windowed without border and use a switch to toggle between 2 screen sizes, namely 0,0 and your preferred size.

That’s a good idea actually ;)

I will see how it works in reality as the renderer is sometimes in full-screen and sometimes not. Will give it a go though…


great. you could also consider to never use the fullscreen renderer. instead, just set the windowed renderer to fill the screen while disabling the window border.

in my experience switching to fullscreen feels like destroying the house when all you wanted was to open a window.

the only advantage seems to be that you do not have to know the dimensions in advance.

any fullscreen fans out there with more reasons?