Shortcut to increase/decrease font-size of ioBox

hi all

I often find myself setting an io box to font sizes for headlines, subtitles and text. Then copying them around to save clicks. Thats ok for help patches, but sometimes I go over a patch and want to raise visibility on certain elements. then I can’t copy paste, because I also need the label of the box, and usually they are different datatypes.

It would be great to have a shortcut like STRG+/- which could increase or decrease the font size of the selected iobox by, lets say 5.




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we decided against a ctrl+/- here, which we thought would again let you fumble too much to get the exact value you want. instead we added 5 new shortcuts for ioboxes/comments to quickly size them to predefined values:



ha! cool

Small suggestion - would it make sense to number them in the other direction, as in h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5? Not only in HTML it works like that, but also in pretty much every text editor and application for documents in which you can define headlines - alt+1 as in “Heading 1” should be the largest, and alt+5 the smallest… IMHO.


Also I assume that means these shortcuts will never be taken over from beta, once there will be multi-window support?

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good point. so it is now:

  • Header 1: Alt+1
  • Header 2: Alt+2
  • Comment: Alt+3
  • IOBox: Alt+4
  • Mini: Alt+5
  • Huge: Alt+6