Shortcut Ctrl+G not working?


I tried to use the shortcut Ctrl+G to create a subpatch with the selected nodes and I get the following error:

TTY Renderer says the following: "00:11:57 ERR : C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Trade School Vancouver\Patches\TypoSpread_root-5.v4p doesn’t exist."

Weirdly enough vvvv still creates the subpatch (’_root-5’) - which the TTY Renderer says does not exists - but the patch is empty and just sitting there in the _root patch without any of the selected nodes in it =)

Any ideas what that is? And is the fault on my side or is it a bug with the new beta?

Working with vvvv_45beta32 64bit by the way.


Thanks joreg! And sorry for the double post - haven’t seen that thread.