Shortcut (Abkurzung, Snelkoppeling) in the Addonpack for some Helpfiles

This is driving me crazy, there are some helpfiles in the Addon-Pack (Beta 28.1) that are “shortcuts” and not the actual Helpfiles.

Is it just me or is this a real problem? I tried with Explorer, Winrar and 7-Zip.

In the meantime, I would really like to see the Shift (Spreads Vector) help.v4p helpfile, need a shift with binsize.

Does hitting f1 not work for you? I could be wrong but I thought the idea with these was to make it easy when nodes have a shared help file.

This is what I get:

VectorVersion help.v4p (43.7 kB)

Hitting F1 pastes the location of the “shortcut” over the node.

E:\develop\vvvv-sdk\vvvv45\addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins\VectorVersion help.v4p

And really, I installed vvvv on C:.

They said it was me, now I am sure. Windows 7 64Bit. Grrr…

Ahh… cool, so al those nodes should point to the same helpfile. Got it, no idea why Windows is failing me soo badly. Thanks, that Shift node was indeed what I was looking for.