Shopping during NODE

Hey, German comrades!

since all things about node10 are settled now and i’ll spend in Frankfurt couple days more, i would like to ask you about shopping:

first, about books. please recommend me some store where i can find ‘Generative Gestalung’ and other visual-art oriented books and some cool secondhand bookseller. because i’m books fan

second, about cameras stuff. i need couple IR-filtres for 1/3" lens. can not find it in Russia

third (and last), some cool casual wear stores (just in case).

of cause i will google it, but it’s always better to heard about places from other people.

forward and many thanks!

Are you at NODE now? I’m doing the artist supervision and living in Frankfurt, I’m happy to answer your questions face to face. Ask around for me (Patrick), I’m also one of the featured artists in the exhibition and not too hard to find.