Shockwave/Director PlugIn


I started with the Shockwave Plugin. After the first steps with your sharpDelvelop templates and doing some little operations with it… I converted the shockwave active X to the dotnet 2.0 interface an implemented the component into a simple window.forms with the formsdesigner.

Now my questions:
how can I implement these activeX in your template. is it possible to integrate form like in normal windows apps?

how can I pipe the graphic area from the activeX component to an node output?

next I try to define the input pins for the component…



now I used the guiTemplate after “public class GUITemplatePlugin: UserControl, IPlugin” I did " private void InitializeComponent()" with the ActiveX setup.

Also I could pipe a director filename to the ActiveX…

OK, I see the Director File in a vvvv window, but the question is to render this to an output pin?!?

any suggestions?


The plugin-interface does not support node-pins (except for transformations). Which means there is no way to output a texture.
Have a look at the VVVVPluginInterface Specs

will this feature supported in future? I think it would be nice to create those plugins in vvvv.

where’s the problem to do this?

helo gap,

as bjoern mentions there is no “image” pin type yet. it is also not planned yet.

i am not familiar with the shockwave activex control. does it offer a function that returns the current image? or at least does it allow you to kind of PaintTo() to a windowhandle (as that is what our flashrenderer does).

for now at least the ScreenShot (EX9.Texture) should do.

hmmm, if theres no way to get the image out I should stop the project.


ok, I can crop the director stage or copy a defined rect out of the activeX. I could write this to a windowhandle… but without an image pin type I could not do more with this image?

Is there a help file for the Screenshot node? Perhaps this node will help me.

But for me there is a strong need for this image pin… I could use PDFs, Powerpoint and a lot of other media types…

so what you could try is make your plugin output the windowhandle (as integer) that you feed into the ScreenShot nodes Handle pin. then as Mode you select “ClientAreaOfHandle”. but note, that the handles window must be visible, as this node only takes a screenshot of the handles area on screen.

i got the handle with the windowlist and HWND node. when I take the WindowAreaOFHandle I can see the Shockwave Output with the Screenshot node… when I use the WindowOfHandle: nothing.

right. WindowOfHandle and ClientOfHandle are not implemented. if you know of code that can screenshot handles that are not visible please link me to it. i only found very complex code i didn’t have the time to try yet.

wouldnt the SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) node work as a just slightly inelegant workaround for transferring image data from the plugin to vvvv?


I will try everything to get the image data.


where can I find more information about writing to the shared memory in c#?

try google

googling Windows Named Shared Memory led me quickly to