Shifting anchor point for texture transformation

by default the anchor point for texture rotation and scaling is X=0; Y=0
is there easy way to change it in order to get different transformations?

via the center-translate-pin (x,y,z) at the transform(3d)or(2d)-node

Transform 2D doesn’t work in this case
i think if
you connect it to Transform - CenterX and CenterY transforms relative mesh position
you connect it to TextureTransform - CenterX and CenterY transforms mapping texture on the mesh, but not texture its self
i need texture transforming
the perfect solution would be CenterX and CenterY pins in RotZoom shader,
but i dont know if its possible

you might be missing Address(Ex9.SamplerState) set on clamp

maybe i missunderstood you because its pretty obvious(see att.)

can you please explain again?

rotatest.v4p (5.4 kB)

Yes. Thanks. You right. I just missed second connection in order to compensate shifting values.