ShellExecute (Windows Advanced) Not spreadable

Hi All, esp zeos

I looks like ShellExecute (Windows Advanced) is not spreadable. it would be awesome if it could be.

Or is there another possibility of getting feedback for when the external progam has ended?

in any case I would like to wish for a spreadable version of ShellExecute (Windows Advanced)


hey Sune!
That makes me curious: what do you want to do?

Hi Kalle

I am just using SOX, to convert a bunch of files to fit the sample rate of the system and I would like to convert all the files in one folder in one go.

It works with the “old” ShellExecute node, but I don’t get any feedback about when the launched executable is finished, so I have no way of knowing when the files are ready. (I could check for SOX windows and then wait until they are gone, but that seems stupid).