Shellexecute - framedyn.dll error

hum, not really a patching question, anyway:

trying to use windows ‘taskkill.exe’ for brutely terminating vvvv. works fine from commandline. using shellexecute, however evokes an error concerning framedyn.dll.
it needs the file inside the system32 folder. but within all windowsinstallations i tried, it was always inside sytem32/wbem.

but: isn’t shellexecute supposed to work just like the commandline?


so you´re trying to kill vvvv from within the vvvv process?
did you try to kill cmd.exe from within the commandline?

jep, killing the commandline within the commandline works.

killing vvvv from within does also work, but only when framedyn.dll is copied into sytem32 folder.