Shell execute second instance problem

I made a small watchdog in a second vvvv instance, but I failed. The problem is that it uses ShellExecute Advanced and the results are counting up like hell. After two days, the Watchdog crashes because there are millions of error messages/shellExecute Results!
i’m starting vvvv.exe with comandline parameters /allowmultiple and /o “path to patch”

The results (error messages) are always “Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.” (Sorry, german OS)
I’m using vvvv_45beta33.7_x86 because the Project was started quite a while ago.

Does anybody know how to mute these results?

thanks, avaos

i don’t know what your watchdog is looking like, but i think, you should try to shellexecute bat file instead, or some c# console app that can have args
i think the error window will not appear only if the script succeed

i use this to suppress cmd window:

start explorer


I use a udp heart beat between instances, rather than watch for the process to disapear, there are 2 shell executes, the advanced spits out errors, I also had this problem where it was moaning about a mp4 file being strange and again crashing after a few days. UDP isnt as instant, but it works…

thats almost the watchdog i’m using, and i’m having the problem with the shell executes return. Because the second instance of vvvv.exe is returning some error inside shell execute.

Well, I did it like antokhio supposed, it’s working and shell execute is quiet now. But I don’t have the direct feedback of shell execute advanced, if the task is running or not.