SharpDevelop or VS Nuget Instructions

just thought i give nugets and SD or VS a go but no luck so far.

some decent step by step instruction would be really helpful.

what i tried so far is

  • creating an empty C# project in SD (anyCPU, .net 4.5)
  • adding the nuget source link
  • adding VVVV.Plugininterfaces to the project (include prerelease or it doesnt work at all)

–> “Computer says no” - package incompatible

so how does this work ?

btw. same experience in VS


just tried with VS 2015, update 1 community edition
created a new project for class libraries
added vvvv package source
had to uncheck include prerelease to get vvvv.plugininterfaces in the list.
installing took forever
had to set configuration to x64 or x86 (not AnyCPU)

guessing from the pic you uploaded (no zoom in on this page??) your configuration is AnyCPU.
does it work if you change that to a dedicated architecture?