Sharp texture


little problem: 3 large textures (4096px x4096px) should be presented as sharp as possible on an HD screen. I tried a basic shader but it looks very soft. also when i take 3 filetextures it looks a little bit soft…

where is the problem. where to start to fix it?

thanxs and regards

if you post an example patch here someone will be able to help

some screen shots of what you mean by ‘soft’ and ‘little bit soft’ would be useful

try playing with texture filtering. change from linear to anisotropic or point for example. or try to play with mipmaps. 1mm is the sharpest (as i can remember, i’ve never gone deeper in mipmaps) or read the limitations of your videocard (maximum texture resolution (my older one has a maximum of 4096^2 texture resolution)) feeding it something higher than that could cause some artifacts.
but yeah the definition of “soft” and “a little bit soft” would come handy ;P

sorry, the textures size was wrong… thanks for the tips.