Sharing enttec pro communication

Hi all !
this is a simple sharing of enttec pro for vvvv.
a simple list through the serial port is enough to communicate with the Enttec Pro device.

Hope it can help.

enttec pro device vvvv (22.2 kB)

may some of you could test it on the open enttec dmx ?

Cool you made this (I did too) ;)

westprojects#enttec usb pro dmx support.

I use this one for my current projects:


Try to think in spreads, cozz a stalone for 512 channels is NOT going to be fun. And if I remember correct, your input 5 is checking if you have more than 254 values (than it should toggle to a boolean 1)

The Open doesn’t support a virtual comport driver, so that one is not working. (but little cat does!)

It works nicely! Thanks for this.
I was wondering, is there a way that I could use DMX for real time fft?

so helpful! thanks