Forum errors

I’ve TTy errors for suddnely appeared in a patch, no idea where they come from, been working on it for months without issues!
How can I find fix or stop them, I’ve previously come across something similar, some .ax error, and I simply removed it from the v4 directory and all was good, but I cant see this ax file in the v4 directory…
Just found it on my desktop where i moved it to from where I ahd this error before, so its back and wants revenge!

So clean vvvv and I get the same errors, what are they and how do I fix them!

(000035E8){} 13F945E8
0054F097{vvvv.exe } AnimUtils.Ceil (Line 609, “AnimUtils.pas” + 2)
0086B9D1{vvvv.exe } DS9RendererNodes.TMSharedMemRenderer9.Prepare (Line 734, “DS9RendererNodes.pas” + 6)
007684A7{vvvv.exe } DirectShowNodes9.TMDirectShowDownstreamNode9.PrepareGraph (Line 1339, “DirectShowNodes9.pas” + 10)
007D2CDF{vvvv.exe } Graph.TMBasicNode.PrepareGraphCB (Line 1362, “Graph.pas” + 2)
007CF569{vvvv.exe } Events.TMEvent.Call (Line 403, “Events.pas” + 11)
007C9D37{vvvv.exe } MainLoop.TMMainLoop.DoTimer (Line 209, “MainLoop.pas” + 28)
005DE886{vvvv.exe } IdleTimer.TMIdleTimer.AppIdle (Line 165, “IdleTimer.pas” + 46)
0053023D{vvvv.exe } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.Idle (Line 10742, “Vcl.Forms.pas” + 7)
0052F507{vvvv.exe } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage (Line 10194, “Vcl.Forms.pas” + 1)
0052F839{vvvv.exe } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.Run (Line 10332, “Vcl.Forms.pas” + 26)
00A111D9{vvvv.exe } vvvv.vvvv (Line 31, “vvvv.dpr” + 7)

vvvv.exe-exception-2014-03-20.log (37.4 kB)

hm…are you actually using the VideoOut (DShow9 SharedMemory)? that one would only work in x86 builds.

Shit yes your right, I’m doing a contour and using it as a dummy output.
And its only in a dev version with touch osc input, so havent seen it on the install system!
Thanks Joreg, just saved me hours of fruitless pondering, too many long days, phew, back to patching!

i have same scenario. videoOut for contour to split texture.
"Exception class: EAccessViolation
Exception message: Access violation at address 2275190D in module ‘’. Read of address FFFFFFFC.
Exception address: 2275190D"
is there a way to avoid error?
P.S. I’m trying to avoid run “dx9ex”, because it’s much slower for me

if you have the same scenario, doesn’t the same solution apply?

if please provide a simple patch that shows the problem.

also it would be interesting to see a scenario that shows that dx9ex is slowing somthing down. it should in no way do that.

Hi joreg,
i understood the solution like that
errors for is appearing because of I was using VideoOut (DShow9 SharedMemory). so I deleted it and switched do dx9ex to sharing texture of my camera to two data flows: 1- for contour (very low resolution), 2- for further textureFX.
I have patch with lots of subpatches which I enable/disable (TextureFX chain, particles etc: ParasiteCount 610) and with dx9ex enable I’m running slower then without.
sometimes instead of 60 fps >30 fps. and it’s totally instable: lots of crashing, mostly like
Access violation at address 00715B98 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 0000003C.
sometimes like Index out of range.
I am still b31.2.
Is there another way to split videotexture from the camera ?

if you’re still with b31.2 try running VideoIn->VideoOut (SharedMem) in a separate x86 instance. then in your main instance use SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) twice to read from the sharedmem location.

this won’t work with b33 but a33.1 is on its way having this fixed.

thanks.I’ll give a try.
i also could use SharedMemory from uEyeCam, but uEyeCam node does not support binning, right?