SharedMemory gamma read from beta

Hi there,
First of all, I apologize that I have to create another thread similar to the one I post couple of years ago but I’m trying to revive an old project (gamma 2021.3.3) with the recent gamma 5.2 so I encounter again problem of how to use the new VL.SharedMemory -Version 0.0.7
So, the help patch does not help much and I already can see a red connection from Output: Object outlet towards ToInt32

Anyhow, my goal is to read a shared spread from this beta patch but I’m not sure how to go further than this

testReadMemory(v7).vl (18.4 KB)

Thanks in advanced

There is a newer / fixed version on github:

ping @nissidis maybe he’ll release a new nuget package.

Or reference the attached file instead of the nuget:
VL.SharedMemory.vl (42.7 KB)


you can download the 0.0.8 from

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Thank you @nissidis! May I ask how to I convert it back to spread of floats ? I’m sharing a various amount of spread from Beta

hm I just realized that there is an issue in the Read node. I ll get back to you asap

sorry I thought that everything was fine in my repo, but unfortunately it was not.
here is one more updated version.

Regarding your question tho, take a look in the example and make sure that in vvvv(beta) side AsRaw type is Single and not Double

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Thank you very much @nissidis ! now it works ! :)

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