Shared texture spread

Hi again,
I need to share a spread of textures across two instances of vvvv, I was using AsSharedTexture node but it doesn’t work for spread of textures as far as I can see.
There are other ways?

check out spout!

@ectrome, asshared texture should be spreadable.

It should only be a question of how you send those handles to your other instances Try OSC

i’m working in DX11
Tried spout but it doesn’t work with spread either

dirty sollution would be to compose them into one and back

@ggml tought about that, but this setup is already quite complex, adding that would be a mess.
Thanks anyway

There is NetSend and NetReceive for spreads… as Guest proposed, i would send a spread of shared handles.

Just a guess you use render array?

@tonfilm, I will try that

@antokhio, do you mean renderspread? not now, I’m using a chain of FX to do some animations on textures that are then applied some models. The Fx are perfectly spreadable but at the end of the chain I need to split the spread in order to send every texture to the other instance. Being able to send the entire spread would be much easier.

Btw, I will need to use renderspread so if there are other tricks they are very welcome

Update on NetSend and receive, sending spread of pointers to FromShredTexture DX11 works. I guess I’ll go with this, still I need to unspread all my textures to have the pointer for each one of them

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